About Freecycle.org

Freecycle is an online and email service that offers people an opportunity to give away or find free goods. If you need something, you can find it or ask for it on Freecycle.

Yahoo Based Freecycle
* Freecycle was started as a large set of Yahoo email groups. There are thousands of these groups around the world. The largest of the local Philadelphia area Yahoo-based groups is called simply PhillyFreecycle. It has over 16,000 members:
* The people who run the Yahoo PhillyFreecycle compiled a list of other Philadelphia regional Yahoo-based Freecycle groups here:

Web Based Freecycle
* A recent development in Freecycle technology is a Web version of the Freecycle idea which is more intuitive and easier to use than the Yahoo groups. The new Web version is totally separate from the Yahoo groups and has fewer users but it is growing fast. In our research into Freecycle our Community Magic team discovered that the volunteers and members of the older Yahoo group Freecycles do not know that the Web version exists and has a whole new set of users.
* The Web based Freecycle can be found here:

The FREECYCLE Home Page    Philadelphia Freecycle Listings

Community Magic is offering free workshops to teach people how to use the Web version of Freecycle. We will be listing workshop dates and locations on our web site http://CommunityMagic.org

See the Lesson Plan

Use this link to the directory for the lesson plan used in our workshops.

Our thanks to Aaron Kuhn <akkuhn@gmail.com> for his research and for his design of the Freecycle Lesson Plan.