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How do we learn more about helpfulness in organizations?

There must be as many ways for an organization or community to be helpful to it’s members as there are types of human personalities. One question we can ask in general has to do with finding lists of such behaviors. Can

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Community Inventories

There are a huge number of activities that helpful people, working together, can undertake to improve the flow of information and good vibes among the people of their communities… One of the activities suggested in the book “Building Communities From

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Some readings on helpfulness

Now that the idea of helpfulness has arisen as a main theme and even a possible mission for Community Magic, I’d like to introduce the pages on the Community Magic theory menu on asking for help and offering help. There

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DRAFT * Thought for a “mission”

The mission of Community Magic is to promote helpfulness within and between communities in all parts of society.  

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Next meeting Monday Feb 16th, 2015

Please Mark Your Calendar…. What: Community Magic Planing Meeting & Brainstorm Where: Office of Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation 2227 North Broad Street (between Susquehanna and Dauphin Streets) When: 10:00 AM till Noon, Monday, February 16th, 2015(The location might change

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Uptown Theater budget consultant needed

Call for help estimating the Uptown budgets Reopen the Uptown Theater I have recently become active with the planning for reopening the historical Uptown Theater. The building on Broad Street between Susquehanna and Dauphin Streets has suffered many years of

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Asset-Based Community Development

Now that most of my time is devoted to Community Magic, I have been examining and reading some of the wonderful books that I’ve collected over the years since publishing Other Networks newsletter in the 1980’s. One such book is

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About Invisibility

How shall we shed light on the needs of the poor and under privileged? I’m looking for a word, a new term for the under served, the digital (word for a person stranded on an island) (perhaps Castaway? Forsaken, Marooned)

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Uptown Sponsors Community Magic

Great News! Uptown Sponsors Community Magic October 9, 2014 The Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation (UEDC) is now the fiscal sponsor for Community Magic. Linda Waters Richardson, President of UEDC, and I signed the documents to formalize this partnership this

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Community Magic News 9/23/14

Wonderful things are happening! The new Community Magic web site is up and running. You’re looking at it now!!! The web site has a listing of Workshops on using and See the Free Trainings tab on the Community

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