Join Community Connectors

Community Connectors are people who want to help the other people in their community. The Community Magic website will offer special features that will allow Connectors to request help from other Connectors while maintaining appropriate privacy for their people.

To become part of the network, JOIN (subscribe to) one or more of the following email lists:

The Coaches List – For people who want to teach or coach other Community Connectors.

The Allies List – An email list with over 300 participants who have shown some interest in Community Magic.

The News List – For people who want to be informed of occasional Community Magic news. If you subscribe to any other Community Magic list, please join this one, too.

The Community News List – A general announcement list reaching over 900 people for public notices by anyone.

Helpers – For people who want to be helpful to other people or groups. This list will deliver email messages from the public and from other Community Connectors who need help finding something or someone.

See the HELPERS message form that anyone can use to send a message to all the Helpers.